By becoming a member of La Maison Toulonnaise, you benefit from exclusive advantages!
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Become a member :

To join Maison Toulonnaise, all you have to do is create your account. You will then be invited to participate in all the actions that I have prepared for you to allow you to earn points.

Earn loyalty points:

You can earn points for performing actions listed on your Loyalty page. Your activities are available listed on the loyalty actions page.

Use your loyalty points:

It’s very simple and straightforward. The Loyalty page lists all the discounts for which you can redeem your Loyalty points. 

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Create your account

When you create a La Maison Toulonnaise account, you choose for the first field a username (your first name for example) and, for the second field, enter your first and last name. You can modify your data at any time by going to the "Modify my profile" page.

The creation of an account is necessary for:

  • share an opinion
  • participate in the loyalty program
  • benefit from the advantages of the loyalty program